Northwetsern University
Evanston, IL
B.A. in Physics, M.S. in Computer Science
work experience
Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer
Feb. 2024 - Present
The Boring Company
Las Vegas, NV
Software Engineer Intern
Jun. 2023 - Aug. 2023
Led the development of a simulator for the Vegas Tunnel Loop to validate software systems and architectural designs using Go and C#
Centralized maintenance for the vehicle fleet by building an issue tracker using ReactJS/PostgresSQL, saving 30+ man-hours monthly
Built a physics engine and an automated testing pipeline for simulating vehicles and passengers with ≥ 90% accuracy
Decreased simulator runtimes by 80% by implementing a cache-based path-finding algorithm and optimizing a backend graph search algorithm
Boosted regulatory tests completion by 15% over 2 months by building data visualization UIs and automating alerts using React and NodeJS
Skills: Go, C#, ReactJS, PostgresSQL, NodeJS, Bazel
Chicago, IL
Software Engineer Intern
Jun. 2022 - Aug. 2022
Contributed to backend services for font management and file I/O in an online document editor using Java and Go
Automated a weekly font upload task using a browser-based client with PHP and Bash, reducing time spent by 90%
Improved color accuracy by 40% on PDF export for charts, fonts, and images by integrating API endpoints with open-source software
Designed and built a smoke testing suite using Puppeteer, improving code coverage and efficiency in detecting breaking changes
Developed a custom Java package for dynamic test data generation, removing dependency on legacy data and boosting code reliability
Skills: Java, Go, PHP, Bash, Puppeteer
Northwestern Tiilt Lab
Evanston, IL
Research Intern
Sep. 2021 - May. 2022
Collaborated on building an audio processing server for real-time learning analytics for a data-capture device
Engineered a real-time speaker diarization service using PyTorch, boosting accuracy by 25%
Implemented a multi-threaded audio buffer, enhancing diarization runtime performance by 50%
Reverse-engineered legacy code to integrate advanced speech recognition models, improving accuracy by 50%
Skills: PyTorch, Javascript, Audio Processing, Speech Recognition